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What if... felt safe enough to show up to your romantic relationship as your whole True Self, without shrinking or puffing up to avoid feeling rejected or unloved?

... you understood your relational patterns so you can stop getting sucked into the same cycles of suffering over and over again and instead look towards your triggers with compassion? were equipped with a communication and relational toolbox so that WHEN (not if!) you run into challenges, you could approach them consciously with your partner as a team? 

Imagine exploring these themes in the space of a  supportive and inclusive container committed to your need for connection + growth...

Here's the Problem...

"It was hard to trust that a partner wasn't going to hurt me. I knew logically that I needed to lean into vulnerability to form an authentic connection but I've always hid my most tender parts to protect myself. If I did get into a relationship, it never seemed to last. I was always concerned about hurting my partner so I would mold myself to fill the space of the relationship. At the time, I couldn't see how I was abandoning my needs because I felt obligated to be "nice". All I knew was that relationships made me feel empty, disconnected and angry even though it was one of my deepest desires to have a healthy romantic relationship"  - Anna (Vancouver, BC)


Eventually it feels easier to resign yourself to staying single or settling for a "good enough" relationship. Meanwhile, you're growing more and more resentful and that craving for connection never really goes away. Feeling unseen and unheard by the one person you are meant to find "happily-ever-after" with is soul-crushing. 

But it DOES NOT have to be this way!

I've attended a thousand funerals of the woman I used to be...


I've been exactly where you are and I created The Heart Lab after (surprise, surprise) a heart-wrenching divorce. Learn more about my story on this episode of The Empowered Curiosity Podcast. I kicked and screamed as Life dragged me in front of a mirror. There, I discovered some hard truths about how I approach relationships and the blocks + beliefs that stood between me and happily ever after.

I needed to peel back the layers of conditions I had created around my life and identity. But having done so means that I feel whole and complete exactly as I am which has transformed all the relationships in my life, not just my romantic partnerships.

I'm passionate about sharing the lessons I integrated because I know how it feels to be you. I too have been deep in the caverns of codependency, disconnected and feeling like a victim of my circumstances. At the time, I was craving a community and a roadmap.

Hi. I'm Kat Lee, creator of The Heart Lab. I put together a comprehensive program to teach my philosophy that layers the science of Western psychology with the art of Daoist Medicine informed by my decade-long career as a Classical Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

Does hearing my story ping at your Heart? Do you feel a resonance in your own life?

That’s where I come in, honey. Let me show you how to come home to yourself and cultivate a conscious relationship that you can be proud of.

You are here because you are craving a romantic relationship that is honest, connected, trusting + respectful AND you want to take sovereign responsibility for your own work.

Dear One, you're in the right place if you identify with one of these scenarios...

You are a curious Human who is single and starting to recognize your patterns around how you react when you feel threatened, who you choose to partner with and what makes you feel too vulnerable. While you recognize the patterns, it's hard to know what to do with the information. You're craving structure on how to integrate your history and heal your relational wounds

You are a caring partner but find yourself in the same argument. There is love there but you and your partner move through cycles of not being seen/heard, feeling resentful, trying to communicate, missing the mark and 'round and 'round you go. You're craving a toolbox on how to communicate and nurture the spark in the relationship so it can be a sanctuary where you feel completely safe to be your full and Truest Self.

If this is you...

know that I had YOU in mind when I created this program.

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"What I absolutely LOVE about The Heart Lab is the combination of Western psychology and Eastern medicine. It made me realize how spirituality was missing in my practice. I was so focused on how to heal that I neglected to feed my soul. I had lost touch with my intuition, my creativity, my passion and joy for life. This combination is the balance I've been looking for - providing the practical how, what, and why with the softer side of compassion, empathy, self love, forgiveness, abundance, and intuition."

Santa Cruz, CA

"From the very first call, I felt the support, understanding, empathy and embrace. To be able to heal in a safe space, free of judgement and free of shame is the ultimate medicine.

I now have the ability to observe my emotions instead of getting pulled into the current. I am more curious about what is coming up for me as I navigate my daily life. I am able to separate myself from my story and understand that I am a sovereign human being and that my experiences from the past are not a sentencing for my future. I feel a greater sense of freedom."

Los Angeles, CA

Listen to Jackie + Lauren Share Their Story

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Book a Free Connection Call with Kat

Psssst.... There are only 10 spaces available.

In The Heart Lab, you'll receive holistic support

What do I mean by that?

I share knowledge about the science of Western psychology and neurobiology to help you understand where your relational wounds come from. While the lens of psychology is great at explaining the "Why" when it comes to our attachment wounds, belief systems and relational blocks, it falls short when it comes to practical tools. To bridge that gap, I layer my wisdom about the art of Daoist Medicine, Emotional Alchemy Coaching and Embodiment Medicine so you can create a roadmap to integrate your story.



This isn't a self-led program that you work through all by yourself by watching videos and doing homework. I'll be right there with you. I support you through the group coaching calls as well as through the Community Forum. If you choose to sign up for the 1:1 Package, we can dive even deeper with private Emotional Alchemy Sessions and unlimited daily support through Voxer.


The tools I teach are digestible and accessible to you. I believe in empowering you to develop your own connection to Self and Intuition so you are not needing to rely on me or any other external source to tell you what your Truth is.



I've been facilitating workshops and retreats for 10 years now. Even after all this time, I am astounded by the magic that gets sparked when a group of well-intentioned women show up willing to be brave, vulnerable and witnessed. I am magnetized to group work because there is deep healing that happens in the container of a safe community.



I recognize the fluidity of your sexual identity, preferences, relationship structures and needs. There is absolutely no judgement and you are encouraged to come as you are.

The Journey

>>>> <<<<

>> Introduce the structure of education, accountability, implementation and support available

>> Learn the language of intimacy + conscious relationships

>> Understand your current imprinted narrative around love + belonging

>> Unlock your relationship vortex patterns by learning why you get stuck in your emotions

>> Create a Relationship Vision anchored in your own intentions and unique expression of Truth 

>> Uncover the subconscious belief systems that hold you back from connecting to your intuition

>> Explore the landscape of your intimacy imprinting through the science of Western Psychology and Neurobiology as well as the art of Daoist Medicine, Emotional Alchemy and Embodiment Practices

>> Discern the difference between what is true and what are projections that your Ego tells you as a protective shield

>> Learn to soothe your Inner Child by identifying what needs did not get met in childhood

>> Understand that each emotion has a lesson it is trying to share and a specific medicine to soothe it

>> Walk through the portal of embodiment practices to intentionally move towards alchemizing emotions that have felt stuck

>> Honour + normalize the rhythms of emotions that we all experience so we can learn from our feelings rather create cycles of suffering

>> Shift “stuck” emotions and build specific rituals to alchemize specific emotions

>> Explore the phases that we flow through in challenging conversations to identify where you are triggered and need a detour

>> Learn how to hold rooted conversations by using responsive listening as a tool

>> Understand and practice loving boundaries

>> Learn how to approach giving and receiving apologies as a sacred ritual to repair your relationship

>> Identify the maintenance requirements to keep a relationship healthy (just like you would a Tamagotchi pet!)

>> Learn to implement taking care of your needs through embodiment practices and presence 

I am available to connect or answer your questions

Book a Free Connection Call with Kat

"From the beginning, Kat was sensitive to my history that required a trauma-informed approach to the relationship work we were doing. The timely, firm, informed and professional support she provided was a crucial bridge for me to allow my own circles to better support and show up for me."


"For me, THL has given me the opportunity to practice consciousness as I learned how to untangle the knots in my heart. I started noticing patterns and drawing meaningful connections in the messy web of knowledge about myself. I've felt relieved to be in a safe container so I can bring the past present again, honour it well and release the stories that no longer serve me. I have noticed that when others challenge me, I no longer come from a space of resentment and despair. I feel empowered to open up and share who I really am without fear of rejection."

Vancouver, BC

What's Included

>>>> <<<<


Lifetime Enrolment in The Heart Lab Portal

Once you're a Heart Labber, you'll always be a Heart Labber. That means you'll have lifetime access to all coursework.

Weekly Group Deep Dive Coaching Calls

When a group of well-intentioned women gather, something magical happens. We gather weekly to hold you accountable and provide support. 

Daily Support via the "The Inner Chambers" Private Digital Community

Healing work is done in community. As women, we've known this for generations. Our private forum is a sacred space to ask questions, share reflections, celebrate breakthroughs and practice empathy. 

Heart Labwork (Journaling + Intentional Practices + Embodiment Medicine)

We take responsibility when we ground our intentions into practice. Each module includes activities and prompts to guide you further within. 

How Do I Know If The Heart Lab is Really For Me?


If you got this far, nodding your head while reading, this is for you.

This container is for humans who are curious about what makes them tick (for better or worse) in relationships.

This is for you if you want to take sovereign responsibility to create intimacy and security within yourself so it overflows into your partnership. 

I am here to support folx who want to learn how to practice vulnerability in the safe container of a group. The program includes live group calls - please only apply if you are committed to attending the calls live regularly (recordings are available because life happens, but this shouldn't be the default).

If this sounds familiar, it's because had you in mind when I was dreaming about and creating this coursework.

This is an intimate, high-touch coaching container + spaces will fill VERY QUICKLY. You will have live access to Kat for 3 months, plus lifetime access to the curriculum, AND sacred community while you rewrite your relationship to love and belonging.

...if you are feeling a resonance, let's follow that curiosity

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