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Hi! I’m Kat Lee.

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There are only 3 things I hate in life: bananas, carousels and people who talk about themselves in the 3rd person. So I’m going to share who I am the only way I know how - as a human speaking to another human. 

I spent the first 30 years of my life driving down predictable roads in the Game of Life (remember that board game?). I jumped in that little plastic car and along the way, I picked up a husband, went to grad school, bought a house, started my acupuncture business - you know, the Dream!

But one day, I realized that The Game of Life was turning into my reality. I felt like a plastic peg in a hollow world. I had accomplished everything I had set my sights on, but I felt numb about all of it. I had molded myself to fit the marriage and the life society told me I wanted. I knew I was craving something different but felt too disconnected to identify it. 

Rock-bottom was the divorce. But it was also the portal to my awakening. I had to turn towards my pain, compassionately reckon with my traumas + survival strategies, dissect how I had abandoned my True Self and forge a new way. 


I leaned on my relationship to Daoist Medicine and embarked on a journey that illuminated just how disconnected I truly was. I learned that my Body was a storyteller and she had been trying to communicate with me all along. I decided to alchemize my emotions through honouring them. 

I had my compass set on Intimacy and that has yet to lead me astray. Because Intimacy to the True Self resonates out to relationships, to community, to place and this is the container that holds me on the murkiest days. 

My story is a reclamation + my passion is working with women all over the world who see Intimacy as a doorway to unlock their potential. I support women with all sorts of stories - from those craving a conscious romantic partnership to women who have lost their sense of purpose because they’ve overridden their needs for far too long. 

Come as you are. 
You are welcome here. 

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My Philosophy

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I believe that healing is a deep remembrance of who you are + recognizing that you are not broken.

I believe that the Body, Mind and Soul are interconnected and respond best to an integrated approach where all the parts of you are remembered.

I believe in leaving room for magic. For slowing down to allow your intuition and Truth to rise to the surface. For finding validation through being rather than doing. For flowing through life being actively allowing rather than grasping.

I believe that my role as coach and space-holder is to be your mirror and share tools and techniques that lead you back to the clarity of your own Heart and autonomy to make choices that are best for you, your body and your Spirit.


Working with Kat felt different from traditional therapy because she doesn’t use a method to “fix” you. Her approach feels like a spiritual process, linked to something metaphysical - rather than being analytical. She is deeply wise, connected to her spiritual self, non-judgemental, and infinitely compassionate. 

I first approached Kat because I was struggling with my self-esteem. I was very unloving towards myself and it was affecting my personal relationships, work, and ability to be who I really wanted to be.

Kat has a a way of getting me centred and connected to my body and feelings. She holds space in a grounded way in which I feel cradled in care.  Her wisdom is expressed through questions and kind, gentle reminders and accountability. She has the capacity to handle anything I’ve brought up because doesn’t see good/bad or wrong/right. There is no judgement, only safety.

Vancouver, BC

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If you've been following Kat's work and her voice resonates, know that you'll be in safe hands when you decide to do your own excavation. You'll be supported and attended to as you are and in accordance with how you share you intend to be.


Santa Cruz, CA

By working with Kat, I learned that the only person I can change is myself. I spent years thinking that if I said, did or thought differently, I could experience love the way I needed. Rewriting that story gave me a heightened level of trust and discernment that ripples out from within.

Education and Trainings

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  • Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz

  • Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Five Branches University, Santa Cruz

    • Certification in Five Elements Studies

  • 2011-Current Licensed Acupuncturist, California Acupuncture Licensing Board

  • 2017-2021 Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturists of BC