An online community of pattern-breakers embodying their purpose, shedding the layers of conditional love and leading from their True Self.

Remembrance is for the Seeker who says 

"the cycle stops with me" 


How would it feel like to untangle your trauma knots and reclaim your Story so you can cycle through life aligned with purpose?


If you are an auditory/visual learner, I made you a video to explain what the program is all about. However, if you process information better by reading, just scroll on down.

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The Seeker feels an intuitive calling deep in their marrow. 

The call begins as a whisper: “Is this it? Life seems like it should be more than this.”

The call speaks through pain. The Body and Emotions are the conduit for communication, expressing what has been suppressed for too long. 


My Love, this is your Soul inviting you to return home to yourself. To untangle the trauma knots that bind you to the past.  To unlearn the patterns that keep you in familiar vortexes of suffering. To soften when you imagine your future.


Remembrance is an invitation to reclaim and embrace Who and Why you are...


Let me know if this resonates with you: 


  • Burnt out but clinging to identities that no longer serve you (Savior, People-Pleaser, Caregiver, Over-Achiever, Perfectionist…) because you don’t know who you are, what to do if you let those roles go
  • Feeling disconnected from your purpose. You feel hollow even though all your needs are seemingly being met. 
  • Hiding the parts of your story that make you feel ashamed which then creates more shame and guilt and ‘round and ‘round we go in an endless dance with your inner demons
  • Feeling like your past is full of landmines. It’s hard to untangle why your triggers are there and why your reactions to them are so strong
  • Been there, done that with therapy. Therapy feels unproductive because your therapist feels like someone you vent at without a lot of insight on how to get unstuck. 
  • Feeling lonely doing “the work”. Craving connection + community to hold your story tenderly and with compassion
  • Seeking joy but only finding fleeting moments that feel like an itch you can’t fully scratch


Through the Remembrance Community, you will:


to your Intuition by anchoring into safety so your decisions are made through the filter of abundance rather than scarcity


the cyclic energies of your Emotions so you can find flow with and be nourished by your life experiences


your voice, the expression of your True Self so you can speak to your wants, needs and desire in an empowered way


your relationship to bliss + weave play into the fabric of your reality so  pleasure no longer feels like a dream you keep chasing


the space you are destined to take up in your life because the world needs the medicine of your unique self-expression


the wisdom of your Body, your experiences, your trauma to align with your purpose

If the Seeker within felt a resonance with any (or many) of the points above, know this…

your Soul is calling you home.


The disconnect is not your fault. We have all been conditioned to be compliant, good + selfless. These qualities are not to be fractured but celebrated for keeping us safe early on in life.

But the Seeker is awakening....

If you are ready to remember your True Self - who you are beyond the trauma stories, the "shoulds", the conditioning, the survival skills + the overriding of desires. If you need permission to step into the wholeness of your emotions and Being, let the Remembrance Community show you that you’ve been the one holding the pen.

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My own disconnection led me here…


For years, I was dissociated from my own body, my desires, my sexuality, and most importantly, my PURPOSE. From the outside, my life looked perfect - the career, the marriage, the house, the cars...but I realized that I had built my life around WHAT I was rather than my WHO and WHY.

My Soul was howling for something know the feeling, right? That moment you look around you and think “This can’t possibly be it. There’s got to be more to life.”

My marriage fell apart on my 30th birthday. The divorce became the portal for me to start asking the hard question that I had been numbing out with productivity and alcohol: Who am I when I strip away the roles I play?”

From that day forward, I’ve set my inner compass on aligning with purpose. I took the approach of stepping forward with one foot in science and the other in spirit. I immersed myself in studying the physiology of the nervous system, applications of polyvagal theory and the effect trauma has on the Body. 



Science is the backbone but it needs to be interwoven with the fibers of Spirituality. So I became an explorer of the rituals of nature, ceremonies to alchemize emotions, ancestral wisdom, trauma-informed deep listening and deciphering the language of the Body through somatic practices.

For the past 12 years (that’s over 15,000 clinical hours!), I am honoured to have walked beside my clients as they learn to alchemize their emotions, integrate their trauma stories and come back home to the Truest version of themselves.

With all that experience, I have found one thread that vibrates true above all else: Safety is the modality. 

I’ve had clients who have bounced around from specialist to specialist, who have spent years on a plateau in therapy, who have tried every modality that you can think of...but when you reestablish your relationship to safety, you relate differently to love, trust and belonging and from there...magic happens.

This is what guides me to create containers that help you rewrite your relationship to safety. The world needs your unique signature of purpose to move it forward and I am here as your humble guide.

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Each month in Remembrance, you'll receive:


  • (1) 90 min Intention Circle on the 1st Sunday of the month (6PM PST) which includes:
    • A potent lesson centered around a heart-aligned topic 
    • Experiential Practices
    • Live Q&A 
  • (1) 75 min Live Coaching Ceremony call on the 3rd Sunday of the month (6PM PST) 
  • Access to the archived recordings 
  • Community support in our private forum 

I will regularly drop in bonuses like: 


  • Surprise Guest Speakers 
  • Exclusive journaling prompts, guided visualizations, embodiment practices and somatic tools to help you move through your blocks


* I appreciate your live (virtual) presence to make the most of our time together, but the sessions will be recorded for those who cannot make the calls.

Curious about the topics we’re going to chew on? 

Here’s a sneak peak of what I’ve got planned for you in 2021/2022


Let Your Nervous System (Not Your Conscience) Be Your Guide - create flexibility in how you process emotions

Unstick from Trauma Stories - understand why you feel frozen in the face of big emotions and how to move through emotional bottlenecks

Metabolize Grief - create a safe container to compassionately “move with” instead of “getting over” grief 

Uncage the Good Girl/Strong Boy Identity - dissolve this conditioned belief to step into who you are when you give yourself the permission to create your own moral authority

Alchemize Fear - safely move towards fear to unlock the wisdom of this primal emotion

Integrate the Divine Masculine + Feminine - you are a big enough container for both energies. We do not exist in an either/or world so let’s shift away from the binary to integrate the gifts of both the masculine and feminine parts of us


* Topics are subject to change and Guest Speakers are TBD

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If you’re feeling activated right now, I see you and I hear you. 

Sometimes the pattern you are breaking - investing in yourself, imagining a different future, relying on others - can feel overwhelming and confusing. So if you’re feeling that way right now, I made this video for you so I can support you to arrive at your truth, whatever that may be.


Welcome to the bottom of the page…

If you’ve made it this far, and you’re still on the fence about joining the community, what’re you waiting for? 

Do you need a sign from the Universe? Do the stars need to be perfectly aligned for you to jump in? 

No, my Dear. 

The only sign you need is to check in with yourself...

Do you feel nervouscited to peek under the hood at some pattern that may no longer be serving you? 

Do you feel safe with me as a facilitator? 

Are you curious about what your next empowered step needs to be? 

If the answer to these questions is “Yes”, then that is the only sign you need. 


I’ll see you in the Remembrance community soon. 

Big Hugs, 


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