What Our Work Will Feel Like

Let’s begin by attuning to the resonance that led you here in the first place:
You long to explore intimacy in a way that feels trusting and safe, open and vulnerable, authentic and aligned, anchored and free. 

As humans, we all seek safety in relationships. Unfortunately, feeling safe doesn’t always align with feeling loved. We hide our True Selves behind masks because we have been validated for playing a role before. Or we retreat within ourselves to avoid rejection. We choose the same archetype of a partner over and over again despite getting our Heart smashed because at least there is familiarity in this. 

Most of this is done unconsciously, from cycles that began in childhood. Which is why we all need someone who can act as a mirror, to guide us within and help us create new patterns that align with both safety and love. 

Intimacy is a dance of polarities.

Our work together is informed by this dualistic nature of our Being. There is nothing inherently negative or positive about the opposing sides within ourselves. When we approach these tender spaces with consciousness, choices reveal themselves, curiosity is sparked and you feel empowered to rewrite a new way of Loving.

Emotional Alchemy


Protected + Tender - No matter how suppressed, protected and armored your Heart feels, there is always an opening. We will find that portal together and step through in a way that feels safe.

Doing + Allowing - When you spend your entire life being validated as a do-er + caregiver, it’s hard to wrap your head around the fact that you are worthy of love just for Being. Burnout happens when you abandon who you are and what you need. Let's reclaim your connection to your True Self so you feel aligned with purposeful action. 

Conscious Relationships


Hungry + Nourished - From childhood, you learned to seek the opposing sides of connection and independence. If you digested unbalanced beliefs about vulnerability, love and relationships, you recreate familiar patterns with different partners even if those old ways of relating leave you feeling hungry. Let’s learn new patterns so you feel nourished rather than starved or drained from relationships.

Feminine + Masculine - We all embody both. When you find the balance within, you stop projecting your insecurities onto the humans around you and you stop looking for relationships to “complete” you. Your community and relationships become an intimate circle of people who do life with you, not for you.

Embodiment Medicine


Open + Closed - I will teach you how to recognize the somatic sensations of what it feels like when you are trusting versus skeptical. When you rely on the communication from your Body as a compass, you learn to trust yourself and the world around you more deeply.

Ease + Effort - We look to Nature and see that she is in a constant cycle of rest and growth,  but we hold ourselves to a level of expectation that is not only unhealthy but unnatural. Allowing ourselves to flow with cycles instead of grasping, resisting or forcing creates alignment. 

Are you curious?

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What Does a Session Look Like? 


We start with breath. 

All sessions are held virtually, so we begin with guided breathwork to land together. Breath is also there as a reminder to not just tell your story. That you must also feel your story.  

This will feel scary at first but you will never be pushed into territory you aren’t ready to explore. I will hold you as you explore spaces within yourself that you’ve kept hidden. I will show you that there is medicine in allowing yourself to be fully seen. 

We will ask your Body to help you connect the dots. When we ask your Body what she is trying to communicate, she speaks. Your Body is the storyteller of your life. It is our job to listen. 

Healing is a remembrance of who you are, underneath the stories and projections.

Because many of the protective behaviours that hold you locked in patterns are unconscious, I will help you see. My role is to help you remember that you are a quiet revolution. You are alchemy in action. Because you are ever-deepening. Ever-expanding. Ever-bravering (yes, that’s a word around these parts). And you don’t have to carry this alone. 

Investing in coaching with Kat was the best decision I have ever made for my emotional health, With her help, I let myself be the most honest I've ever been with myself.

I am now able to handle life experiences by feeling my authentic feelings and releasing what no longer serves me. I've started letting go of things I couldn't control instead of taking on other people's pain and feelings. This has eased the anxiety I had suffered since childhood.

It was amazing how she was able to share reflections in such a way I could still feel proud of myself for my own growth and take ownership of the work I was doing. 

I made more progress in months of working with Kat than I had in years of therapy.

Napa Valley, CA

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