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The Empowered Curiosity Podcast is is a weekly show to explore the ideas, stories + experiences that dig deep into connecting with your purposeful True Self. We discuss using emotional + somatic alchemy to cultivate safety and consciousness within yourself which ripples out into relationships, entrepreneurship and beyond. Kat Lee and her guests are committed to sharing tools, techniques and wisdom about coming back Home to the most aligned version of yourself.

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The Energetics of the Menstrual Cycle with Sacred Womb Guide Jasmine Rose Oct 06, 2020

Most of us have had the awkward experience of learning about our menstrual cycle as an adolescent in a room full of other giggling adolescents. Honestly, I wish I had an Auntie like Jasmine Rose in my life when I first started menstruating, but I am equally grateful that I have her in my life...

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