Heart to Heart with Intimacy + Relationship Coach Kat Lee

Jan 20, 2021


This is the very first episode of 2021 and I wanted to start out with a little somethin' special for you. We start this episode with a realignment. I share a bit of my story so you can see WHY I am so passionate about conscious relationships, emotional alchemy and embodiment medicine. I also share the values that everything I do sits upon. If you resonate with these beliefs, we are going to be gooooooood friends. 

When I started this podcast last year, my North Star was aligned with one word....Community. I didn't want this to be a place where I just talk AT you for an hour each week. I want to be having conversations WITH you. So I put out the call to the Empowered Curiosity Instagram community and received the most vulnerable questions that sparked some beautiful discussions. 

Though to be clear, this is not an advice column because in my opinion, advice is rarely helpful. In fact, if you walk away from this episode with even more questions than when you started, then I consider that a job well done on my part. Because that's what good conversations do. They become a portal to deeper questions that draw us within. This is the medicine of community. We may all have different struggles, but when we can connect with another person's story, see our own connectedness within, something awakens. 

Here's a glance at what you'll learn from me in this episode: 

  • How rock-bottom moments are the portal to awakenings
  • What the Ego is and how your Ego blocks you from healing wounds
  • How to get over the betrayal of a spouse who cheats 
  • Why slowing down is the SECRET WEAPON to connecting to emotions and creativity
  • The medicine and purpose of boredom
  • The investment for living a authentic aligned life is discomfort
  • How to pick the right tool to help you heal your traumas


Your Speaker:
Kat Lee is an Intimacy + Relationship  Coach, Podcast Host and Creator of The Heart Lab, who guides folks to alchemize their emotions, cultivate conscious relationships and embody their healing journey.

This podcast is made possible with sound production by Andre Lagace.
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Mayan Kites

I facilitate conversations through 1:1 coaching and various community offerings to guide curious humans to remember their True Self - who they are beyond the conditioning, the "shoulds", the trauma stories + the overriding of desires. If you need permission to step into the wholeness of your emotions and Being, let me show you that you’ve been the one holding the pen.

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