Healing Attachment Wounds with Romantic Best Friend Andre Lagace

Mar 10, 2021

You are catching me at the start of a transition. For the past 4 years I’ve been nesting with my romantic BFF Andre Lagace, but this week I’ll be packing up the Subaru and moving from Vancouver, BC down to Henderson, NV. 

Even before this move was on the horizon, Andre and I had been planning on releasing an episode about attachments and how we’ve worked to co-create a secure relationship from a highly unstable one. But having a conversation about attachments in the midst of my packed boxes felt particularly poignant. 

I struggle to identify exactly who Andre is to me. He is my ex-boyfriend, ex-partner but our relationship has evolved beyond what those labels mean to most people. For the past year, he has been my quaran-teammate. We’ve cooked together, laughed together, cried together, gardened together. Pretty much spent every waking moment together in our 800 square foot apartment. He is also my co-collaborator on almost all the things that you see manifested here on Empowered Curiosity. He is the producer of this podcast. He creates all my graphics. And he’s also who I muse with daily for inspiration. Romantic BFF felt like the easiest way to describe him, but even that doesn’t quite encapsulate who he is and what he means to me. 


What You'll Learn in this Episode: 

  • How to co-create a secure relationship even when both partners are on opposite ends of the attachment spectrum 
  • Communication tools for both the anxious and avoidant partner to create security in a challenging conversation 
  • The importance of correcting the stories we tell ourselves


Your Speakers:

Kat Lee  is an Intimacy + Relationship Coach, host of The Empowered Curiosity Podcast and Creator of The Heart Lab. She guides pattern-breakers to alchemize their emotions and embody their healing journey to cultivate intimacy as a spiritual practice. 

Andre Lagace makes music, cooks food, snuggles dogs and cats, is a Dad, produces podcasts, digs in the dirt and voraciously researches topics of fancy. Can be found daydreaming, puttering, and singing songs to Ruby. 


This podcast is made possible with sound production by Andre Lagace.
Original music by
Mayan Kites

I facilitate conversations through 1:1 coaching and various community offerings to guide curious humans to remember their True Self - who they are beyond the conditioning, the "shoulds", the trauma stories + the overriding of desires. If you need permission to step into the wholeness of your emotions and Being, let me show you that you’ve been the one holding the pen.

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