BUSINESS ALCHEMY: Trust your Body and Intuition with Kendra Adachi

Aug 25, 2022

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You are a spiritual entrepreneur who feels they don’t know when to say “yes” or when to say “no” to commitments or opportunities. You want to be able to trust or tune in to your internal wisdom and let it guide your decisions.


What You'll Learn in this Episode: 

  • How tuning into how the body feels can inform our business and self-care decisions
  • How trusting the body and listening to the information it gives you can tell you which clients and collaborators are in alignment with you
  • How problems with traditional business models are rooted in oversaturation of yang energy which causes us to disconnect with our body’s wisdom
  • How your internal wisdom can get clouded by choosing commitments and pleasing others over listening to your own needs
  • How to recognize patterns in the body that are signaling old patterns like perfectionism, people pleasing and burnout



Your Speakers:

Kat Lee  is an Intimacy + Relationship Coach, host of The Empowered Curiosity Podcast and Creator of The Heart Lab. She guides pattern-breakers to alchemize their emotions and embody their healing journey to cultivate intimacy as a spiritual practice. 


Kendra Adachi   is in service to honouring the body’s wisdom & guidance, remembering the TRUTH of the the intuitive compass within co-creating aligned expression & expansion.


This podcast is made possible with sound production by Andre Lagace.
Original music by
Mayan Kites


I facilitate conversations through 1:1 coaching and various community offerings to guide curious humans to remember their True Self - who they are beyond the conditioning, the "shoulds", the trauma stories + the overriding of desires. If you need permission to step into the wholeness of your emotions and Being, let me show you that you’ve been the one holding the pen.

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