BUSINESS ALCHEMY: How to Avoid Burnout in Business with Fertility and Hormone Health Expert Rachel Root

Aug 19, 2022

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You are a spiritual entrepreneur who is avoiding making moves in your business because you’re afraid to fall into old patterns of burnout that you experienced in entrepreneurship or in the traditional work environment. 




What You'll Learn in this Episode: 

  • You can love what you practice AND feel like the business side of your work is making you feel exhausted and burnt out
  • Observing seasonality within your business will allow you to flow through cycles of productivity and replenishment
  • Tending to your Inner Child and creating a safe and nourishing environment for them is integral to feeling empowered and being able to hold space for clients
  • Toxic aspects of capitalism has taught us to override our emotions and our body’s physical cues which renders us unable to say “yes” or “no” from a grounded place of internal wisdom
  • How the support and empowerment you experience through BAM can help you to create safety within yourself instead of unconsciously trying to create that in your business



Your Speakers:

Kat Lee  is an Intimacy + Relationship Coach, host of The Empowered Curiosity Podcast and Creator of The Heart Lab. She guides pattern-breakers to alchemize their emotions and embody their healing journey to cultivate intimacy as a spiritual practice. 


Rachel Root  is a is an East Asian Medicine Practitioner, Integrative Women's Health Coach and the founder of Root Care. She helps women and people with periods heal their hormone issues so they can live the life they truly desire. 


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Mayan Kites


I facilitate conversations through 1:1 coaching and various community offerings to guide curious humans to remember their True Self - who they are beyond the conditioning, the "shoulds", the trauma stories + the overriding of desires. If you need permission to step into the wholeness of your emotions and Being, let me show you that you’ve been the one holding the pen.

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