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Alchemize your emotions.

Witness your shadows.

Integrate all of You.

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We all carry The Wound.

The internal voice that says that you are too much or not enough.

In reality, you were born perfect + whole and somewhere along the way, you bought into the story that your family or society told you. You molded yourself to fit the picture of what you “should” look like, do and feel. You sacrificed your own wants and needs to be "good".

Now, when you look in the mirror, it's hard to recognize the human standing in front of you. This didn’t happen suddenly. It was a near-death of a thousand paper cuts

I'm here to show you the ripples of transforming that one belief. How it can alchemize your values, your emotions, your actions, your relationships and the trajectory of the rest of your life.

Hi. I'm Kat. 

My calling is to support humans who are ready to alchemize their emotions. 

We do this through curious inquiry and embodiment practices. We heal through softening and becoming friends with the Body, integrating the masculine and feminine poles, reparenting the Inner Child and exploring shadows with deliberate responsibility. 

In our work together, you will learn what brings you joy, how you communicate, how you love, how you connect and how you live with bliss. You will step into your inherent worthiness and stop apologizing for taking up space in your own life. 

If you crave more alignment in your daily life, ease when you feel triggered, and presence in moments of disassociation…follow your desires and move towards expansion. 

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It's time to remember. 

You are loved for who you are. 

Not for what you do. 

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What You Can Expect...

A Safe Container

where you feel empowered enough to transform narratives that no longer serve you. 

A Compassionate Voice

to hold you accountable as you do the deep work of excavating who you are beneath the external identity of what you do

A Loving Mirror +  Guide

to help you shine the light into the shadowy, murky parts of you so you can finally feel integrated and whole. I will hold your hand the entire time through the tunnel.


Santa Cruz, CA

I feel so proud I'm in a place where I respect and value myself and can communicate with an open heart. I'm realizing that I deserve a partner who cherishes me and is capable of telling me they think I'm special. 

And to think where I was when we started - accepting crumbs for love. Thank you for seeing me. Your presence reminds me that right here, right now, we are full of love. Really, really beautiful, thank you.


Vancouver, BC 

Much Gratitude Kat for your compassion, teachings and gentle guidance in my journey. It only took me 50 years of heartbreak, misery and illness to become conscious. I'm so thankful to be free to now have such an awesome life - a relationship I feel safe in and a career that I'm no longer chasing out of scarcity. I am practicing living in love instead of fear.

What Coaching Looks Like...

V I D E O  C A L L S

We will commit to 6 months of work together starting with a 1.5 hour Initiation Call followed by flexible hour-long weekly or biweekly calls. This is an intimate partnership that holds you accountable to a deep devotional practice to yourself. 

M E S S E N G E R  

We will stay connected in between Calls via text and voice messages. Because...I want to be able to celebrate wins with you in the moment. And when challenges comes up, I can support you by sharing reflections and holding you accountable as you are working through blocks in real time. 


In addition to all the 1:1 support, you'll also receive a 6-month membership into the Remembrance community. We gather twice a month to learn and co-regulate in a safe container. 

Your aligned life awaits

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