Intimacy is a Spiritual Practice. 

Conscious Relationships are a Ritual.

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Let me show you the way

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You have a story

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If you’ve felt the pulsing craving in your Bones for deep intimacy, safety + trust in a romantic relationship, I am inviting you to slow down. And listen within. 

That calling is communication from your True Self asking to be remembered. It’s an initiation from Spirit to unveil your eyes, to practice Truth + to step into your role as pattern-breaker. 

Let me show you the way...

I believe that Body Language is our Mother Tongue and to experience Love in its fullest manifestation is to reclaim your capacity to feel at home in your own cells. 

I believe that you have a Story that is asking to be integrated. The pain of being unseen, unheard and abandoned is throbbing for a reason. And if you’re feeling resistance, that is not an indication that you are broken. It simply means that you’ve digested confusing narratives about love and belonging all your life. You are not broken for needing to rewrite your story around Love.

I believe that Nature is the ultimate Guide and when you listen to her rhythms, you learn that you are in a cycle with Love. The beliefs, patterns + survival tools that have kept you locked in a protective narrative will have to die in order for you to be reborn back into the clarity, connection + sovereignty of your own Heart. 

While I support couples and individuals, the weaving of our work always returns to intimacy with Self. In order to manifest Love that you feel safe trust-falling into, you must reclaim your ability to witness and fiercely love yourself so you can recognize the resonance when Love is offered to you. 

Love is Spirit in practice.

I see you.
I hear you.
I love you. 

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Hi. I'm Kat Lee.

Intimacy and Relationship Coach, Podcast Host + Creator of The Heart Lab

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I am the Voice behind the Empowered Curiosity community. My passion for the last decade has been to walk beside my clients as they learn to cultivate Conscious Relationships by alchemizing emotions, integrating their stories and coming back home to their Bodies.

I create safe containers for you to integrate the parts of you that feel wounded at any level - body, mind, and soul. If you need permission to step into the wholeness of your emotions and Being, I’ll show you that you’ve been the one holding the pen.

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1:1 Emotional Alchemy Coaching

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If you're craving an intimate 1:1 container to do a deep dive into your patterns, I will be a compassionate mirror and guide for you. I share personalized tools that empower you to befriend your True Self.

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You hide what feels wounded. This is a survival pattern that has kept you feeling safe...but integration happens when you allow yourself to be held in a co-regulatory space. 

Are you curious to explore and discover the next layers of your healing journey?

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The Heart Lab Group Coaching Program 

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Taking deliberate responsibility for your attachment patterns is not for the faint of heart. Transform your relational patterns + learn communication tools within the safe container of an accountable community. 

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Kat's openness and connection allowed me to show up as my whole self - nothing more, nothing less. Some days I was stressed and found it difficult to focus; some days I was at peace; some days I could not control happy or sad tears. All of it! Kat holds space so you can meet yourself in each experience as you are right now.

- Danielle // Santa Cruz, CA

The Empowered Curiosity Podcast

is a space to explore the ideas, stories + experiences that dig deep into connecting with your True Self. Together, we’ll discuss using emotional alchemy + embodiment medicine to cultivate a conscious relationship with yourself and others.  

Listen to the latest episodes below. 

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